Latino Theater for all

march - april 2024

April Programming

APRIL 5 - 21 | Fri. 7 PM | Sat. 7 PM SOLD OUT | Sat. & Sun. 2 PM


Los garabatos de la luna: A Tale of Wishes, Travelers, and Doodles

Written & Directed by Diana Chery-Ramírez
A Play for General Audience (Spanish & English)
Tickets $40 Gen. Admission / $35 Senior & Students / $30 Groups of 10+ / $25 Children 12 years-old and younger
Teatro Círculo at 64 East 4th St NY, NY

A bilingual play for the entire family. Small travelers with big hearts meet on a difficult journey to visit The Moon. She will grant them a wish only if they make it on time and decipher a secret message. 

APRIL 5 - 21 | Fri-Sat 8PM, Sun 4PM


Las SinSombrero FLAMENCO

Directed by Elisabet Torras
General Audience
Flamenco Music & Dance
Tickets $50 Gen. Admission / $45 Seniors & Students / $40 Groups of 10+

The Spanish Women Artists of Generation of 1927.

APRIL 12 – 14 | 7PM & 2PM


Missing Socks, and a Line of Coke (or The Baby Fever Play)

Written by Rachel Lynett
Directed by Mino Lora
Theatre for General Audience
Tickets $10 – $15
at Pregones Theater

Get ready for a hilarious journey into queer family planning! In Rachel Lynett’s new comedy, Naomi is on a quest to redefine motherhood after a failed IVF attempt. But is stealing her cousin’s baby going too far?

APRIL 12 - 21 | Fri. 8:30PM | Sun. 3:30PM


Tango Untangled

Written by Maurizio Najt
Directed by
Rubén Darío Cruz
Tango Dance
Tickets $40 Gen. Admission / $35 Senior & Students / $30 Groups of 10+
Teatro Círculo at 64 East 4th St NY, NY

From lonely whispers to passionate steps: Explore the soul of Tango, a dance born from the immigrant spirit. 

APRIL 20 | 11AM

TEATRO SEA at Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture

Ricitos and the 3 Bears

Written & Directed by Manuel Morán
Bilingual Musical theater for Children and Families
at Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture, Repertory Theater | 450 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10451
Tickets $20 - $30

Mr. Oscar, Mrs. Osaura, little Oscarito and of course the over-curious, super-snooping Ricitos, or Goldilocks, lead audiences on a comical adventure as Goldilocks confronts the three bears and has to learn to take responsibility, say sorry and make friends.

APRIL 25 – 28 | 7PM & 3PM



In Spanish
(with English supertitles for General Audience)
Written by Nicolás Bascuñán
Directed by
Braulio Basilio and Roberto Cayuqueo
Tickets $30

In Wall Mapu, a sheep born on Wiñol Tripantu witnesses the cycles of nature, ancestral rituals, and Chilean state violence against the Mapuche people, leading it to rebel against its fate amidst a conflicted society, culminating in a winter solstice of defiance and tradition.

APRIL 26 - 28 | Fri-Sat 8pm, Sun 4pm


Sentado en un árbol caído

Written & Directed by Emanuel Loarca
General Audience Spanish with English Supertitles
Tickets $35; Students & Seniors $32

Award-winning play about the genocide of the Maya people of Guatemala centered on the trial concerning the Rio Negro Massacre.

APRIL 26 – 28 | Fri-Sat 8PM, Sun 3PM


Insomnio Americano 2024

Written by Saulo García
Directed by Juan Carlos Talero
(In Spanish for General Audience)
Tickets $15 – $69

Saulo García returns with this most acclaimed comedy that made him famous 20 years ago. EL INSOMNIO AMERICANO 2024 is a new version of his one-man show that reflects the life of the recently arrived immigrant and is written by the comedian based on his experiences in the United States.

March Programming

MARCH 1 - 24 | Fri. 8PM, Sat. 3PM & 8PM, Sun. 4PM



Las Mujeres lo hacen mejor que los Hombres
Women Do It Better Than Men

Written by Roberto Ramos-Perea
Directed by Angel Gil Orrios
General Audience Spanish with English supertitles
Multimedia Monologue
General $35, Students & Seniors $32

Hilarious COMEDY about the relationships of WOMEN and MEN.  A PSICHOLOGIST gives a Workshop on Professional Growth.  Re-living her own experiences, she explores SEXUAL AWAKENING, analyzes the myths of MARRIAGE& DIVORCE, and discovers the types of SEDUCERS and LOVE after 50+.  In celebration of International Women’s Month.

MARCH 2 – 30 | 7PM & 3PM


March is Music 2024

(Bilingual for General Audience)
Live Concerts
Tickets $17.50 – $35.75
& Bronx Pianos Sundays are Free
at Pregones Theater

Our popular March Is Music concert series is back featuring 9 live concerts by world-class classical, jazz, folk, and fusion artists. All events are presented live at Pregones theater in The Bronx, a.k.a. The Borough of Music (“El condado de la música”).




Written by Fernando Schmidt & Christian Ibarzábal
Directed by Leyma López
(In Spanish for General Audience)
Tickets $15 – $69

Two women taking care of an elderly lady come together in order to survive and keep their job. They make a surprising decision that creates the most hilarious situations. What would you be willing to do to not lose your job?



Eva Luna

Written by Caridad Svich, based on Isabel Allende’s novel
Directed by Estefanía Fadul
(In Spanish for General Audience)
Tickets $15 – $69

Isabel Allende’s novel is re-imagined for the stage by OBIE-winning playwright Caridad Svich. This play tells the coming-of-age story of EVA LUNA, a woman born into poverty who rises up through the world to find her voice as a storyteller and a reflector of history. Enchanting, comical, and sly, EVA LUNA follows the character’s journey from childhood to adulthood, and along the way allows us to meet an array of characters that would change the course of Eva’s life forever.



La breve y maravillosa vida de Oscar Wao

Written by Marco Antonio Rodríguez, based on Junot Díaz’s novel
Directed by Marco Antonio Rodríguez
(In Spanish for General Audience)
Tickets $15 – $69

Oscar is a naive “nerd” from New Jersey who has finally left the grips of his imposing Dominican mother and is attending his first semester of college at Rutgers with his rebellious sister. He dreams of becoming the Dominican J.R.R. Tolkien and, most of all, finding love. But Oscar may never get what he wants. Blame the “fukú”—a curse that has haunted Oscar’s family for generations, following them on their epic journey from Santo Domingo to the USA. “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” explores the endless human capacity to persevere—and risk it all—in the name of love.

MARCH 9 | 11AM


Rancho Tales

Written and Directed by Manuel Morán
Bilingual Musical Theater
for the very young
Tickets $20 - $30
at Teatro Círculo

"Rancho Tales is a delightful retelling of some family favorites stories incorporating music, puppetry, movement, and visuals. It’s a perfect show for the little ones from newborn to five years old, however it also is fun for adults, as they also sing and clap along to songs both in Spanish and English, adding a cultural treat for all.

Characters “Pepa” and “Pepe” guide everyone through three bilingual classic barn stories: The Ugly Duckling, Three Billy Goats Gruff, and The Red Hen, accompanied by popular Latin American barn songs."

MARCH 14 | 7PM


East and West Coast Talk American Latino Theater

Written by Marcos Martinez
Word and Film
Tickets $5-$10

East and West Coast Talk American Latino Theater. A dialogue with Marcos Martinez. Special Screening: Lo que no se dice (Marcos Martinez, 2023). Moderated by Lizbeth de la Cruz Santana, Baruch College.

MARCH 15 | 8PM


La Golondrina

Written by Guillem Clua
Directed by Ismanuel Rodríguez
(In Spanish for General Audience)
Tickets $15 – $69

Ms. Amelia, a meticulous and well-respected singing coach, receives Ramon, a young man who wants to improve his vocal technique to sing a tribute at his recently deceased mother’s memorial. The chosen song, “La Golondrina,” has a special meaning for him and, apparently, for Amelia, who, despite her initial reticence, agrees to give him a lesson. As the afternoon progresses, the two characters unravel the details of their past, deeply marked by a terrorist attack in a bar.

MARCH 15 | 7pm


Así canta FEDERICO

Music and dance inspired by Federico García Lorca’s Spirit.
Conceived and directed by Nilko Andreas
Tickets $25-$40

Lorca’s poems (in Spanish) put to song, woven into a compelling biographical narrative (in English) that exalts Lorca’s life, his poetry, and the memorable strains of Andalucia. Nilko Andreas assembles multicultural star musicians Alfonso Cid, Liz Chidester and Hayk Arsenyan as well as flamenco dancer extraordinaire Paloma de la Vega for this inspiring evening of music and dance where the “duende” of Federico Garcia Lorca’s (1898-1936) spirit endures.

MARCH 15 - 31 | Fri. & Sat. 8PM, Sat. & Sun. 3PM



Written by Ian Robles
Directed by Mario Colón
Spanish & English
$40 Gen. Admission / $35 Senior & Students at Teatro Círculo
64 East 4th St NY, NY)

"A Puerto Rican drama about colonialism and a trampled national identity."

MARCH 16 | 7PM



(in Spanish for General Audience)
Directed by Jose A. Gonzalez
Tickets $15 – $35

The Greek classic according to Sophocles, Eurypides, and Aeschylus adapted by Cuban playwright Tomas Gonzalez Perez in a contemporary staging that addresses the Afro Cuban ethos to reinterpret the timeless female, Elektra.

MARCH 18 | 6:30 PM



(Multilingual for General Audience)
Tango Dance
Tickets $35 – $40

Milonga Dance.



La Dama Boba

Adapted by Leyma López, based on Lope de Vega’s comedy
Directed Leyma López
(In Spanish for General Audience)
Tickets $15 – $69

A wry, gender-defying comedy about two sisters, one educated and one silly, both engaged to marry but both in love with the same man. To compensate for her simpleness, the “Lady Simpleton” has the larger dowry which attracts the attention of her sister’s fiancé, a poor nobleman. 

MARCH 24 | 3 PM


Mujerstory 2024

Multilingual (For General Audience)
Tickets $5

Join us for the annual Women’s Herstory Month celebration at IATI Theater, honoring the diverse strength and resilience of women from all walks of life, including women of color, immigrants, and working artists.

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